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It doesn’t seem like much of a competition when Cathy Chatsalot, Laura Lively, and Samuel A. Smarty end up competing against one another on a local television station’s game show for children, but Cathy’s accidental win will definitely give the audience a new way to define the word “Emmanuel”.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 25

Greg’s annual tradition of Christmas caroling in the neighborhood is disrupted by his unexpected hospitalization. That’s when his daughter Amy surprises him by bringing the neighborhood to him to sing carols outside his hospital room window to keep the tradition alive. A joyful reminder of the importance of declaring the message of Christmas to others, this play involves the whole congregation in a fun and spontaneous Christmas sing-along.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 20-25

This progressive play is a Christmas event that families will love year after year! As they make their way through the streets of Bethlehem, kids and parents will interact with various shopkeepers, shepherds, innkeepers, and census takers, learning and experiencing what life was like when Jesus was born. Along the way they will make several keepsakes to take home, as well as memories that will last all season long!

Actors: 9-20 Minutes: 60+

In this easy to stage and easy to perform play, two young students convince their Pastor to let them help tell the Christmas story. Infused with lighthearted humor and some nontraditional characters, this straight-forward telling of the Christmas story is a perfect fit for any children’s holiday program.

Actors: 12-30 Minutes: 25-60

This is a series of five monologues by characters tied to a modern-day version of the Biblical story of Lazarus. This script series bundle includes the following 5 scripts: “The Lazarus Network: Pete” “The Lazarus Network: Pastor Tom" "The Lazarus Network: Marie" "The Lazarus Network: Marta" "The Lazarus Network: Leo"

Actors: 5 Minutes: 30

This easy to stage, Christmas nativity pageant for kids requires no rehearsal! It’s the night of Jesus’s birth, and the angels have gone to tell the shepherds the good news of Jesus’s birth... all except for two, who mistakenly end up in a forest clearing instead. Not to be outdone, the two angels decide to share wonder of Jesus’s birth with some forest friends, played by children in the audience, and in doing so, remind us that the joy of Christmas is meant for all the world.

Actors: 12-25 Minutes: 20

This easy to stage Christmas nativity pageant for kids requires no rehearsal! It’s the night of Jesus’s birth, and everyone is ready to celebrate! While an innkeeper (or two) narrates the action, the children in your audience will act as angels, shepherds, animals, stars and magi as they join the party to celebrate the birth of the newborn king. The script includes ideas to extend the theme into an evening of birthday party fun!

Actors: 12-25 Minutes: 20-25

A woman chronicles her life as a mother of two young and relentlessly energetic boys. She honestly recounts the difficult challenges that face every mother, yet continually concludes that through each obstacle the immeasurable treasure of Motherhood is always worth it. The following scripts are included with this script bundle: “Chronicles of the Messy Wonderful Life Entry 1: The Grocery Store” “Chronicles of a Messy Wonderful Life Entry 2: Four-Wheel Drive” "Chronicles of the Messy Wonderful Life Entry 3: Fresh Eyes for Christmas" "Chronicles of the Messy Wonderful Life Entry 4: This Year, Embrace the Messy" “Chronicles of the Messy Wonderful Life Entry 5: Sleep...or Rather, the Lack Of” “Chronicles of the Messy Wonderful Life Entry 6: Superpower”

Actors: 1-6 Minutes: 20-23

Bethlehem means nothing without Calvary and the empty tomb. This script recounts the miracle of Christmas through the eyes of two disciples who have witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. Recounting the messianic prophecies, these disciples testify to how the scriptures point to Jesus’ birth and ultimately his victory on the cross.

Actors: 5-10 Minutes: 20-60

Two secret agents are called to go ON MISSION and find out more about the life transforming power of the gospel. Figuring out how to get along, managing broken gadgets are just a few of the obstacles they need to master in order to find out more about this man called Jesus.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 20-25

In easy to stage shadow pageant, one or more narrators describe the scene as your actors create the nativity story behind a backlit white screen or sheet. Using this unique storytelling format, actors of any age will only need one or two rehearsals to create a beautiful shadow retelling of what Christmas is all about — the birth of Jesus.

Actors: 15 Minutes: 20

Gabriella, a clueless young angel , repeatedly tries to get Gabriel to help her learn choir music. Gabriel explains he is busy getting ready for a special mission for the Mighty One, While Gabriella initially sees this as exciting, she becomes frustrated when Gabriel is sent on four special missions...all to earthlings. Gabriella can't imagine why Gabriel has to leave heaven to go to earth, especially since he always returns with "dusty, musty earth vapors."

Actors: 2 Minutes: 25

Witness a behind-the-scenes look as three angels carry out God’s plan and discover what’s truly important. Music is included with this script.

Actors: 14 Minutes: 25

This easy to stage Christmas nativity pageant for kids requires no rehearsal! It’s the night of Jesus’s birth, and one very special star has been given the task of leading everyone to the manger to worship him. While a storyteller narrates the action, the star travels throughout the audience, gathering barnyard animals, shepherds, angels, and magi, all of whom are played by kids in the audience, and guides them on stage and into the nativity scene.

Actors: 12 Minutes: 20

In this mix of performance and activity, children will have fun and learn as they take part in a scavenger hunt to discover what the Christmas Story is all about. A no rehearsal, easy-to-follow script aids biblical guides as they share the good news that Jesus has been born.

Actors: 14 Minutes: 20

This play is a collection of monologues and duets that depict the events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to The Last Supper through the voices of the disciples and others who encountered Jesus that week. It is told as Jesus and his disciples gather in the upper room for the Passover feast.

Actors: 19 Minutes: 30